Our Sweet Orange Beard Butter is a nutrient rich blend of Shea butter, Argan oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil and Olive wax. These help to promote beard growth as well as providing deep moisturising & conditioning for your beard and skin underneath. The butter is completely vegan as we use olive wax instead of beeswax, and provides extra hold compared to oils to help manage longer and thicker beards. The benefits of our beard butter are enhanced when used in combination with one of our beard oils.



- Promotes growth of healthy nourished beards

- Thicker, softer & fuller beard

- Prevents split ends & breakage

- Moisturises skin underneath preventing flaking and beard dandruff

- Prevents dryness & irritation

-Tames frizz & helps keep beard in desired shape



- Shea butter

- Argan oil

- Sweet almond oil

- Sunflower oil

- Olive wax

- Sweet orange essential oil

All of our ingredients are certified organic.


Size : 50ml

For best results use the back of a nail to scrape out a small amount depending on beard length and then rub together between your hands and massage through a damp and clean beard. Apply every morning and evening after using one of our beard oils.

Sweet Orange Beard Butter